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Somewhat like a Backyard Race, but on your skis or your split.

We are proposing a loop that will allow you to discover the area on a challenging playground with beautiful climbs and descents up to 420 m of elevation gain.

The idea? Loop around as much as possible at your own pace until the cut-off. We head out for a long ride from sunrise to après-ski. Our philosophy? The harder you push yourself, the better the happy hour will be!

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The Inland Challenge is a unique backcountry skiing challenge, partially inspired by backyard racing challenges. The start is given in a maple grove, a few meters from the parking lot. You leave in skins for an 800 m approach on a false flat section that takes you to the first checkpoint at the bottom of the climb. Here we go, you are on your first loop! The sun is coming up, it's a long day outside. The 2 km ascent (400 m ascent) is mostly on a trail with enough room to overtake. So far, not a very technical challenge, get your legs working! For the end of the climb, you enter a more narrow and technical climbing trail. You won't do more than 200 m in there before you end up on a small descent that brings you to the summit shelter where food, transition zone and warmth are waiting for you. 


From there, it's time to take off the skins and get into the downhill sector! Depending on the conditions of the day, you'll have a choice of which line you want to ride. Make your best turns and enjoy! All the lines lead to the same exit (be careful) to arrive in a relatively wide downhill false flat. Give yourself some boost for this part and complete your first loop! And now? Let's do it again. It's your challenge, go at your own pace: full on speed or with breaks to enjoy the view at the summit, until the time barrier that signals it's time to head to the après-ski.



  • Official time taking for each run (timekeeper)

  • First aid

  • Liquid refreshment only



  • Check-in of bib numbers for safety reasons

  • First aid

  • Full supply of food and liquids


4 km

420 m

6:00 am

9 hours

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