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What should I expect in terms of difficulty for the challenge?

The Inland Challenge consists of a loop of approximately 400m of elevation gain with a aid station at the top of the mountain at the chalet-refuge. The organisation's choice is to offer a terrain where the majority will be able to have fun with clear lines among the trees in an intermediate slope angle (about 30 degrees). 

In order to have fun during this event, we recommend that you: 

  • Know how to handle all types of ungroomed snow (light or heavy powder, crusty snow, etc.) 

  • Be trained for long endurance efforts in semi-autonomy. You will spend several hours on the terrain, with the possibility of course to stop as often as you like at the aid stations and checkpoints.

Can I come with a splitboard or telemark?

YES! ULTRA-SKI is above all a friendly challenge, a gathering of the backcountry skiing community and an opportunity to explore a new sector. We welcome all types of ski touring (light, fat skis, etc.), splitboard and telemark.

What exactly is the program for the weekend?

Saturday is dedicated to the Inland Challenge. We finish in the late afternoon and head to the Sea Shack (40 minutes) for an epic après-ski with a friendly dinner, good beer, a music show and a prize-giving ceremony! 


On Sunday, do whatever you want! Our partners, including Avalanche Québec, are preparing practical workshops that will be held at the Vallée Taconique (more details coming soon) during the morning. There is also the possibility to access the site on your own for the day!

Do I need an avalanche transceiver?

We ask that participants to bring an avalanche transceiver for the Inland Challenge. Although the course is primarily in non-avalanche terrain, there can still be accidents on the slopes. The avalanche transceiver allows us to locate you as long as it is activated. It is therefore an essential safety element. Moreover, it is a basic safety tool that it is important to carry with you on your off-piste outings, so we couldn't see ourselves doing without it. 

Also note that if you wish to return to the Vallée Taconique on Sunday, you will be asked to bring your avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe. If you don't have them, you can rent them from several companies in the area. See the INFO page to find out where to get one.

Can I bring someone to the ULTRAPRÈS-SKI?

Vos amis et les membres de votre famille sont les bienvenus à l'ULTRAPRÈS-SKI !


However, the meal is not included for them. If they wish to eat on site, they must make a reservation 48 hours in advance by calling the Ski Shack 438-346-1482. That said, they will be able to order beer and drinks at the bar with no problem!


If they wish to stay for the Bloodshot BILL show, they must purchase a ticket through the Sea Shack box office.

Since the après-ski is in a bar, children must be accompanied by an adult at all times and must leave the site by 8:00 pm.

Where can I find accommodation?

The easiest way, for those who wish to do so, is to book an accommodation at the Sea Shack, which will be the venue for the après-ski. Reservations can be made directly via the Ski Shack website. For the vanlife lovers, the Sea Shack also offers places to put your van by the river! You will have access to all the services. 


There are other options available according to your needs: hotel, motel, airBnb, cottages in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts or Mont-Saint-Pierre. Consult the Vacances Haute-Gaspésie website to discover the options available to you.

Where is the event held?

In 2023, the USKI will take place at the Vallée Taconique. 6.5 km from Mont-Saint-Pierre by taking the Pierre-Godefroi Coulombe road to the site's parking lot.

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